Amanda Ohm

I came from a family of five children. When it would rain or we were bored my mom would have us sit down and string beads. I loved doing this because the beads were to my child’s eye the same as gems or jewels. These beads were kept in a special bead box that my grandmother had made. She constructed the unit out of wood but the drawers themselves she made from old cigar boxes, painted white and applied rose stickers, this box is much worn but very treasured. Once I noticed wire wrapped jewelry I was fascinated by how you can not tell where the pieces start and finish.  I tend to make unique pieces.

What I do and what Amanda's Treasures is all about?

I handcraft jewelry and suncatchers. I like to work with copper and sterling silver because as they darken and age they take on a beautiful patina. If you lightly rub the finished piece with a jewelry cloth or Sunshine cloth it will brighten only the areas the cloth will reach and it will stay dark in the areas the cloth won’t reach, leaving a more dimensional look. Working with copper also reminds me of the Little House in the Prairie stories from childhood where a bright new penny was received for Christmas.

Grandma’s Bead Box

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