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Insulation Helps

Many homes have single-pane windows at high elevations, where the winters can be frigid, and summers can be sweltering. Insulating windows is essential to comfort levels and keep heating and cooling costs down.

I have tried heat shrink window kits but found that bubble wrap works the best. I think it is the bubbles that insulate better than a single sheet of clear shrink wrap.

I have gone a step further with the bubble wrap. I have an old heater in the house I am renting. I have no idea how long the heater was not used but it was letting in cold drafts during the winter and hot breezes during the summer. It may not be attractive, but it really helps to insulate the house.

With an above-ground house, a lot of the cold comes from the floor. I shopped on Amazon and local thrift shops for area rugs that cut down the cold coming from under the house.

I measured the windows and cut the bubble wrap lengthwise. I then taped the sections together with clear packing tape. At first, I thought that soaking a paper towel just slightly would help the bubble wrap adhere to the window. Then discovered that the flat side of the bubble wrap needs to be generously soaked with water. After making sure the bubble wrap had lots of water on it, I smoothed it onto the window by spreading the water around against the glass.

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