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My Mountain Home

Ever since I was small, I have always wanted to live in the mountains with the trees and all the forest creatures. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a forest ranger. Still, life takes over, and you get redirected to other more accessible vocations.

Recently I had the opportunity to move to an area I could afford and is so peaceful I could not resist. I am learning all the many things I need to know about weather and home DIY. Many of the homes here were built during a time when single-pane windows were the only option. So the little place I am renting is very quaint but also very cold during the winter as we reach below zero temperatures.
I will be posting pictures of my surroundings and tips on weatherproofing and other advice on what I found works when doing DIY projects during freezing temperatures. For instance, weather stripping with peel-off sticky backing does not stick to old wood that is cold.

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